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Appealing assortment of old “friends” below. BTW, Muse Air’s demise was NOT bankruptcy. We ended up liquidated by Southwest Airlines. And Indeed, they did give us pink slips and advised all of us to “hit the highway”. (Contrary for their denials of ever ‘shedding’ anybody….

Just after Operating many years from the Airline sector, retiring in 1993, I uncover this site not merely appealing and historic, but have also observed the names of some of the great people today I both worked with facet by facet, but Those people also who I knew dealing with other airline co’s.

I feel UBI is going to be an issue Sooner or later…the dilemma is, can we discuss it without having obtaining hysterical?

Eventually, to Restrict the remarks about TWA towards the “moon” point in California is sad – this was the airline of “firsts” and genuinely the airline of The celebrities – there are such a lot of stories to get advised about TWA that this web page might have difficulties Keeping them – a proud airline and proud workforce.

It’s an incredibly little decline in a very sector that Fb currently dominates. Nonetheless it’s also Fb’s most valuable sector, and any decrease in usership — even a little a person — isn’t an excellent signal.

Most likely it's got a thing to perform with a deficiency during the Procedure with the prefrontal cortex. Many addicts become so during adolescence, when that space is just not completely developed. On the list of capabilities of your prefrontal cortex will be to diminish our urge to have a drug when it could if not be unwise.

This really is a kind of topics that will’t be rationally talked about inside of a comment segment result in all you get is:

one.) Shortly after they arrived up with the “new paint occupation” that they had a belly landing where the airplane slid from the side with the runway.

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Remaining off the sole a person I labored for: Ozark was an incredible small airline in STL eaten by TWA in 1986.

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The Margret Thatcher estimate…or “That’s socialism/communism” rants…or lazy bums don’t want to work…or the government will tax me more, blah, blah, blah.

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